Time to close…

This weblog was originally created to chronicle my 2012 challenge to travel everywhere by fixed gear bike. Feel free to read through the archives and see how I fared.

Two years later in 2014, my fixed gear journey has led me through all sorts of lifestyle twists and turns, bike and non-bike related. My alternative lifestyle has broadened beyond purely bikes. Therefore, I have merged my music and lifestyle blogs at http://symphonyforhappiness.wordpress.com

Click here for its first post

Happy cycling and feel free to keep commenting here. I’ll still be checking and responding.

-Full Time Fixie / Kimwei

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One response to “Time to close…

  1. Sad to see you go ! Still I will continue following on your other site.
    Fixing / building bikes is relatively easy , requiring similar discipline and method as playing music must be . We are watching the UK weather from sunny Majorca for now. Sadly back in the UK in March. Fixer back on the road then !

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