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Calling all female cyclists in Exeter – Women’s Road Ride this Saturday!

I’m posting to sing the praises of the women’s Road Rides in Exeter organised by, Nik Rorke. Do you live in the Exeter area? Are you female and wanting to get into cycling? If so, you might be intimidated by joining a men’s ride for any reason, least of which being the faster speed. If this is the case, The Bike Shed women’s road rides are for you.

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They are certainly my favourite group in the Exeter area, and I do hope that it grows and grows. It’s great that Exeter has a regular ride specifically for female cyclists, and Nik does a fantastic job planning and leading the events, which happen roughly once a month. There are several things I really like about these rides.

  • They are friendly, and no-body gets dropped.
  • Beginners are welcome (provided they’ve got a road bike).
  • It’s a manageable distance (generally 20-30miles) and speed (14mph – if everyone’s up for it).
  • They aren’t competitive.

I’d love if more people were up and cycling in Exeter and the Southwest. It would be great for the planet, the general health of the nation, and it’s fun and satisfying to ride a bike. More cyclists cycling well on the roads would get motor traffic used to us too, and hopefully encourage the building of more cyclepaths. I would encourage anyone who’s thinking about taking up cycling to go ahead and do it.


One of the many reasons that I write this blog is to get people cycling, both because it’s something I enjoy, and something I believe in. In 2012 I chose to go everywhere by fixed gear bike, for the health, cost, and environmental benefits. A year and a half later, it’s really paying off on all 3 accounts. See you at The Bike Shed Women’s Road Ride this Saturday (or for those of you further a field, get on your bike wherever you are).

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