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Finding Balance


Like all those who complete a 1 year lifestyle challenge, I had a choice at end of my Fixed Gear Year in January. I could either continue in the same way, travelling everywhere by Fixed Gear bike like I did in 2012, or I could return to my old ways from before.

In reality I’ve what I’ve done has been half way between the two. I felt like a bit of a traitor at first, moving from my hard earned ideals, but as it stands I have to confess the following.

I’m currently insured to drive my girlfriend’s van… this has allowed me to

a: Go places with her, since she doesn’t cycle

b: Take gigs which are impossible to do by public transport (which is 90% of them really).

I still cycle everywhere possible, and my Fixie is still my only bike.

Also, a big discovery that I made as a result of my Fixed Gear Year was that I wanted to live in a Yurt. So I bought and moved into a Yurt August, and moved out just before Christmas.

Another confession: I moved into a house.


I’ll be honest – it was buttocks-off freezing and below. In further honesty, it took me a couple of months to fully physically recover from the harsh conditions of living in a cold, damp yurt. Some people can do it. The

y must be hardcore.

Now, the Yurt has been re-pitched in a new location: my girlfriend’s garden. I also rent a room in the house where I can keep and use electrical stuff and musical instruments.

Some of you will be thinking that this is a good half way house – moving towards an environmentally aware future by cycling wherever possible, and at least in part practicing sustainable living through having an alternative dwelling…

Some of you will think me a traitor to begin driving a vehicle, and renting a room in a house… next I’ll be wearing a suit and buying Tesco’s shares.


Photographic evidence shows that the bike racks are empty on a Saturday night – the people of Exeter NEED me.

Ultimately I have to believe that there’s some contribution I can make by  living and writing about my not-so alternative lifestyle and cycling exploits now that the 1 year challenge is over.


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