Why I haven’t posted for months:


So the last post I wrote was about living in a yurt. I said that I was going to tell you more about that. Then…silence.

The reason for this is simply that living in the yurt I didn’t have electricity. I had such limited computer use that I couldn’t post. Now, I have moved into a houseshare for a couple of months to get through the winter, so the backlog of posts I’ve been writing in biro can finally be put up, if slightly in the wrong order.

Yes, you’ll learn about how vaguely successfully I managed to live in an un-insulated yurt with no electricity or running water, a woodburner for heat, a tiny gas stove and only a bike for transport, whilst trying to hold down a music teaching job and play gigs too.

But first, to tell you about then end of my 1 year Fixed Gear challenge.

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