First Post – More About The Project

(Feb 17th 2012)

Hello all,

When my last vehicle died at Christmas I decided that rather than get a new car, I would have a go at using a pushbike as my only method of transport. This means that I go anywhere that I can cycle, or take any form of public transport that will also carry a bike.  I decided that cycling would be healthier, cheaper, greener than having a car.  I’ve called this weblog “Full-Time Fixie” since cycling is my full time method of transport. That doesn’t mean I’m a professional cyclist, just a normal person who takes every journey by bike. I’ve been doing it for 2 month so far. I’m starting this weblog simply to show one way to go carless and its benefits, and the changes I’ve made to my lifestyle. Many people have said to me “isn’t it cold/wet/too much effort?”. I aim to show that with the right approach, cycling can be comfortable and practical, and you too could cycle more and enjoy it without getting wet and cold after all.

Also, I’ve always had a dream to go on some kind of journey that’s entirely “human” powered – i.e. cycling or walking.  This year, when I have had enough experience cycling, I plan to finally make that dream come true, and go on a solo cycle adventure, starting from my home in Devon, and ending a few hundred miles away. To me, it would represent freedom, and connection to the physical body – a truly organic journey.  I haven’t decided on the full details, so watch this space to see how the idea progresses. Feel free to give me some input too.

– Full-Time Fixie


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